The Surf To Summit Family – Katie, Grant and Ryan

We here at Surf to Summit Electric Bike feel it is important for you to know a little bit about the people behind your go-to full service shop. Simply put, we are Ryan, Grant and Katie; three childhood friends who LOVE the outdoors. We grew up together in Northern California in the small town of Placerville; a quiet place in the foothills on the HWY 50 corridor in between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Here we were minutes from the South Fork of the American River and surrounded by lakes and reservoirs. Since we were teens, we have been blazing trails, rafting, biking, boating, kayaking, sailing, skiing, 4-wheeling or simply just hanging out in the best of what Mother Nature has to offer.

It is important for us to support the population in a way that we feel helps all ages and walks of life get outside. The three of us have run separate businesses in the past, and are combining our individual strengths to bring to you the best sales and service team at Surf to Summit Electric Bike. 

Ryan hitting the jump, Snow Summit Mountain Bike Park.

Ryan, with over 20 years experience in the biking industry, started in his teens working at a local bike shop in our town. He began working as the team mechanic with Team Subaru Adventure Racing in 2003, which led to a position as the service and warranty manager at Ellsworth Bicycles in 2004. In his mid 20s he opened a bike shop in Ocean Beach, CA. After 10 years in business he decided to close the shop to pursue further education in his other passion, airplanes. Ryan recently completed the Aviation Maintenance Technology program at Miramar College, the prerequisite for the FFA Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Certificate. If he can work on airplanes and certify they are safe to fly, who better to trust with your bike maintenance? 

Ryan on a ride. Escondido, CA

Grant owned and operated a thriving seasonal cafe on the South Fork of the American River in his early 20s. After selling the cafe he joined a growing wind energy service company specializing in Rope Access solutions. After a year and a half in the field as a Rope Access Technician, he was hired as the Technician Manager and helped grow their team of then 20 Technicians to now over 100 Technicians 10 years later.

Grant and Katie – The Cafe Years

Katie owned and operated Caris-Matic Photography and worked alongside Grant at the seasonal cafe. After working many years as a wedding and portrait photographer, she took a position in public service when Grant’s travel started to increase. She now serves the public helping up to 45 people a day and processes over 800 claims annually. Her years of public service give her a unique perspective of community by meeting and listening to people from all walks of life. At Surf to Summit Electric Bike she will expand the bike industry’s traditional market of enthusiasts to now include a limitless demographic from the young and old, recreational rider to enthusiast, and weekend warrior to commuter, she’s inspired by the benefits electric bikes bring to all. 

Grant and Katie

Surf to Summit Electric bike is not just about sales. Whether you are a current bike enthusiast or just entering the biking world, we are your partner for the next chapter of your active lifestyle. Our service plan supports our customer’s general ebike education and maintenance in the first year for FREE. We are confident you will look to us as your most trusted resource and service provider supporting you in all your two wheeled adventures.

Whether you are a current bike enthusiast or just entering the biking world, we are your partner for the next chapter of your active lifestyle.

Three Friends – The Early Years

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Surf To Summit Electric Bike – The People Behind the Business
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One thought on “Surf To Summit Electric Bike – The People Behind the Business

  • March 18, 2020 at 4:42 AM

    I love having a bike shop I can trust and lean on for advice and guidance. Thank you for being experts in the active-lifestyle community and providing amazing support to our community and our individual health and needs. I am so glad you to came to San Diego and now we can look forward to exploring the scenery, bike trails, and bike paths this beautiful city has to offer. We love Surf to Summit eBike!


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